Real Creator

Will is the creator of RealMeal and has a passion for all things active. A former professional rugby player, Will now serves in 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards.

Will now loves to push his physical limits, testing himself on Ironman’s, Ultra Marathon's and anything else that scares him.

He has enjoyed a varied and exciting time in the Army including training exercises in Sierra Leone, California and Iraq, representing Army rugby in front of 80,000 people at Twickenham and instructing the next generation of soldiers and officers.

Frustrated at the limited options available to buy in shops, Will decided to get into the kitchen and create the world’s most comprehensive meal replacement bar. After months of refinement, RealMeal came into being.

Fuelling the most elite military and police units on the planet, as well as assisting those undertaking the most demanding adventures and endurance events. They have been tried and tested by the best. RealMeal is an essential addition to help you achieve your next goal.

"I created RealMeal out of genuine need; I hope they solve the same problems for you that they have for me. I'd love to hear your feedback and how you've been using the bars, so please get in touch!"

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