Real People

RealMeal was created to help real people do extraordinary things. We've shared some of our most inspiring stories below.

In 2017 one of Will's closest friends became the youngest person to reach the South Pole, solo and unsupported in just 38 days. Scott completed this feat on Christmas Day after trekking over 700 miles of Antarctic plateau, crevasse fields and glaciers - raising over £30,000 for The Gurkha Welfare Trust in the process.

His expedition provided the perfect challenge to trial the early version of the RealMeal bars. Loading 40 vacuum-packed bars onto his sled, I was keen to see the results. Fortunately, they were a success!

“It was fantastic to have something so convenient that provided the energy and recovery that I needed to do it all again the next day.” 

- Scott Sears

Marc Rhodes is the founder of Hard to Kill coaching, where he coaches individuals though strategies to optimise performance in all aspects of life. He also loves to push his body to the limits.

"RealMeal do exactly what they say on the tin. They've allowed me to go further, do more and not stop. From international travel to the toughest footrace on earth, these are my secret weapon to stay sharp and satisfied."

- Marc Rhodes

"The best meal substitute I’ve come across. Tasty, nutritiously well-balanced, great flavour options and even better… it’s not a drink! I’ve been eating real meal bars for months now - Nothing compares!

There’s always one in my bag and I’ll be taking them with me on my next world record attempt. Thank you Real Meal!"

- Nick Butter, Endurance Athlete, Speaker & Author

"The bars have been the perfect addition for when I travel and food options are limited and/or risky! They are ideal to snack on during our breaks to sustain long match days where energy levels have to be optimal and focus on point."

- Sam Billings, Kent and England Cricket Player

Have you got an inspiring story to share with us? Perhaps you're looking to complete an amazing feat and need a little support. Whatever it is, we'd love to hear from you.

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